Ecco App Review – Create Audiobook or podcast In 30 Seconds

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Ecco App Review - Create Audiobook or podcast In 30 Seconds


VendorSeyi Adeleke
ProductEcco App
Launch Date2024-Mar-01
Launch Time10:00 EST
Front-End Price$17
RefundYES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypeAudiobook and Podcast Maker
SupportEffective Response
Operating SystemWeb App
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

What is Ecco App?

Ecco App is an artificial intelligence powered application that can quickly and automatically convert any text content like articles, blogs, documents, PDFs, URLs etc. into high-quality audiobooks and podcasts.

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How does Ecco App work?

What are the features and benefits of Ecco App?


  1. AI-Powered Content Creation:
    • Utilizes advanced AI technology, particularly ChatGPT4, to transform various forms of digital content (text, URLs, articles, blogs, documents, PDFs) into high-quality audiobooks or podcasts.
    • Supports instant audiobook creation from digital content, eliminating the need for manual scriptwriting.
    • Offers keyword-based audiobook generation, simplifying content creation by autonomously crafting audiobooks tailored to specific themes.
  2. Versatile Voiceover Applications:
    • Provides automated podcast production, enabling users to easily produce genuine and engaging podcasts without recording or editing effort.
    • Offers versatile voiceover applications beyond audiobooks and podcasts, suitable for advertisements, educational videos, webinars, social media content, etc.
  3. Marketplace Integration:
    • Integrates with a built-in marketplace with over 2.3 million active users, facilitating direct sales and monetization opportunities.
    • Supports publishing across popular platforms like Spotify, Audible, and Scribd, ensuring wide distribution and visibility for the produced content.
  4. Global Reach:
    • Supports narration in over 80 languages and offers a library of over 660 human-like voices, enabling creators to reach a global audience without language barriers.
  5. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Features a user-friendly interface designed to eliminate the learning curve typically associated with complex software.
    • Simplifies the content creation process, making it accessible to users of all skill levels without requiring technical expertise.
  6. Comprehensive AI Features:
    • Comes packed with over 50 built-in AI tools, covering every aspect of audiobook and podcast production, from scriptwriting to voice generation.
    • Offers advanced AI capabilities, such as voice command functionality, automated script writing, personal voice mimicry, and one-click integration with websites and platforms.
  7. Cost-Effective Solution:
    • Eliminates the need for expensive recording equipment or professional voice actors, offering a cost-effective solution for content creation.
    • Provides a one-time payment model with no monthly fees, ensuring affordability for creators.


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  1. Efficiency:
    • Streamlines the content creation process, saving time and effort by automating tasks such as scriptwriting and voice generation.
    • Enables creators to produce high-quality audiobooks and podcasts within minutes, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  2. Accessibility:
    • Makes content creation accessible to users of all skill levels, regardless of technical expertise or prior experience.
    • Democratizes content creation by offering a user-friendly platform that simplifies complex tasks.
  3. Global Reach:
    • Expands the reach of creators by supporting narration in multiple languages and offering diverse voice options suitable for various audiences.
    • Facilitates direct access to a global audience through marketplace integration and publishing across major platforms.
  4. Monetization Opportunities:
    • Provides creators with immediate monetization opportunities through the built-in marketplace and integration with popular platforms.
    • Enables creators to retain full control over their earnings and creative rights, ensuring a fair and transparent revenue-sharing model.

How to Make Money with Ecco App?

Create and Sell Audiobooks/Podcasts:

Utilize Ecco App to convert existing content or create new content into audiobooks or podcasts.

Offer these audiobooks or podcasts for sale on various platforms, including the built-in marketplace, Spotify, Audible, Scribd, and others.

Set competitive pricing for your content based on its quality, length, and market demand.

Monetize Content through Subscriptions or Memberships:

Create a subscription-based model or membership program where users can access exclusive audiobooks or podcasts.

Offer premium content, bonus episodes, or early access to new releases as incentives for subscribers or members.

Advertisement and Sponsorship Revenue:

Monetize your audiobooks or podcasts by incorporating advertisements or sponsorship messages.

Partner with brands or businesses relevant to your niche and negotiate sponsorship deals or advertising placements within your content.

Affiliate Marketing:

Promote products or services related to your audiobooks or podcasts through affiliate marketing.

Include affiliate links in your content or provide discount codes to your audience, earning a commission for each sale or referral generated.

Offer Customized Content Creation Services:

Leverage your expertise in content creation using Ecco App to offer customized services to clients or businesses.

Provide personalized audiobook or podcast creation services tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your clients.

Collaborate with Other Creators:

Collaborate with other content creators or influencers to cross-promote each other’s audiobooks or podcasts.

Guest appearances or collaborations can help expand your audience reach and drive more sales or subscriptions.

Create and Sell Digital Products:

Bundle your audiobooks or podcasts with other digital products such as eBooks, courses, or workshops.

Offer these bundled products for sale as premium packages or special deals to attract more customers.

Offer Consulting or Training Services:

Share your expertise in audiobook or podcast creation by offering consulting or training services.

Provide guidance, tips, and strategies to aspiring creators looking to start their own audiobook or podcast projects.


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  1. Content Creators: Writers, bloggers, journalists, and authors who want to expand their reach by converting their written content into audiobooks or podcasts.
  2. Podcasters: Existing podcasters looking to streamline their production process, reach a broader audience, or repurpose their existing content into new formats.
  3. Aspiring Podcasters: Individuals interested in starting their own podcasts but lack the technical expertise or resources to create high-quality audio content from scratch.
  4. Authors and Publishers: Writers and publishers seeking to turn their books or manuscripts into audiobooks for distribution on platforms like Audible and iTunes.
  5. Marketers and Businesses: Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to leverage audio content for brand promotion, lead generation, and customer engagement.
  6. Educators and Trainers: Teachers, instructors, and trainers who want to create audio-based educational materials, online courses, or training programs.
  7. Language Learners: Students and language enthusiasts interested in accessing audiobooks or podcasts in various languages to improve their language skills.
  8. Digital Nomads and Remote Workers: Freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads who prefer audio-based content for learning, entertainment, or professional development while on the go.
  9. Entertainment Enthusiasts: People who enjoy listening to audiobooks or podcasts for entertainment, relaxation, or personal enrichment.
  10. Small Businesses and Startups: Small businesses and startups looking for cost-effective ways to create audio content for marketing, branding, or customer engagement purposes.

Which Niches Does Ecco App Work For?

  1. Literature and Fiction: Authors and publishers can use Ecco App to convert novels, short stories, and fiction manuscripts into audiobooks for distribution on platforms like Audible.
  2. Non-Fiction and Self-Help: Writers of non-fiction books, self-help guides, and educational materials can leverage Ecco App to create audiobooks or podcasts to share their expertise and knowledge with a wider audience.
  3. Business and Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals in the business niche can use Ecco App to produce podcasts or audiobooks covering topics such as marketing strategies, leadership, productivity, and entrepreneurship.
  4. Personal Development: Coaches, speakers, and personal development experts can create audio content on topics like mindset, goal-setting, self-improvement, and motivation using Ecco App.
  5. Health and Wellness: Health professionals, fitness trainers, and wellness coaches can utilize Ecco App to create audio content focusing on topics such as nutrition, exercise routines, mindfulness, and mental health.
  6. Technology and Innovation: Tech enthusiasts, software developers, and IT professionals can produce podcasts discussing the latest trends, innovations, and developments in the technology industry using Ecco App.
  7. Education and E-Learning: Educators, tutors, and online course creators can convert educational materials, lectures, and tutorials into audio format for students to access anytime, anywhere.
  8. Travel and Exploration: Travel bloggers, adventurers, and explorers can use Ecco App to narrate their travel experiences, destination guides, and travel tips in the form of audiobooks or podcasts.
  9. Entertainment and Pop Culture: Content creators in the entertainment industry can produce podcasts covering topics such as movies, music, gaming, celebrity news, and pop culture using Ecco App.
  10. History and Culture: Historians, archaeologists, and cultural experts can create audio content exploring historical events, civilizations, and cultural heritage using Ecco App.

User Opinion

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What’s The Cost?


Money Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecco App?

Ecco App is a revolutionary tool powered by advanced AI technology, particularly ChatGPT4, designed to transform text, URLs, articles, blogs, documents, or PDFs into high-quality audiobooks or podcasts.

How does Ecco App work?

Ecco App uses AI algorithms to analyze and convert written content into natural-sounding audio recordings. Users can input text directly into the app or provide a URL, and Ecco App will generate the audio content within seconds.

What formats of content does Ecco App support?

Ecco App supports a wide range of digital content formats, including text, URLs, articles, blogs, documents, and PDFs. Users can input any written content into the app for conversion into audiobooks or podcasts.

Can I choose the voice for my audiobook or podcast?

Yes, Ecco App offers a diverse selection of over 660 human-like voices across 80 languages. Users can choose the voice that best suits their content or target audience from the available options.

Is Ecco App suitable for beginners?

Yes, Ecco App is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for creators of all skill levels. Beginners can easily navigate the interface and create high-quality audio content without requiring technical expertise.

How can I monetize my content created with Ecco App?

Users can monetize their audiobooks or podcasts created with Ecco App through various channels, including selling directly on the built-in marketplace, publishing on platforms like Audible and Spotify, offering subscription or membership plans, incorporating advertisements or sponsorships, and more.

Does Ecco App offer customer support?

Yes, Ecco App provides effective customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter. Users can reach out to the support team for assistance via email or other communication channels provided by the app.

Are there any additional features or tools included with Ecco App?

Yes, Ecco App comes packed with over 50 built-in AI tools designed to streamline the content creation process. These tools include automated script writing, voice command functionality, audiobook cover design, one-click integration with websites and platforms, and more.

Is there a refund policy for Ecco App?

Yes, Ecco App offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to request a refund if they are not satisfied with the product. Users can contact customer support to initiate the refund process within the specified timeframe.

How can I get started with Ecco App?

To get started with Ecco App, users can visit the official website, sign up for an account, and access the platform’s features and tools. From there, they can begin creating and monetizing their audiobooks or podcasts using the intuitive interface and AI-powered technology.

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