ClickBank The Brutally Honest Must-Read Guide for 2024

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ClickBank is one of the largest digital marketplaces connecting product creators with affiliate marketers. Since its founding in 1998, ClickBank has become a staple of the online entrepreneurial and affiliate marketing worlds. But is ClickBank still a viable income stream in 2024? This brutally honest guide will give you the real story.

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ClickBank The Brutally Honest Must-Read Guide for 2024

What is ClickBank?

In essence, ClickBank serves as a intermediary platform bringing together people who have digital products to sell (vendors) with people looking to market and promote those products in exchange for a commission on each sale (affiliates). Vendors upload their products to ClickBank which affiliate marketers then access to find products they are interested in promoting.

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At its core, ClickBank is an online marketplace that connects product creators with affiliate marketers. Founded in 1998, it has since facilitated billions of dollars in digital product sales. ClickBank’s appeal lies in its simplicity and accessibility. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur with a groundbreaking digital product or an affiliate marketer seeking lucrative opportunities, ClickBank offers a platform to monetize your efforts effectively.

Whenever an affiliate sends a sale to a vendor’s product that they are promoting, ClickBank processes the transaction, keeps their fees, and sends commissions to the affiliate and product creator. It’s an elegant symbiosis beneficial to all parties when functioning properly.

How Does ClickBank Work?

For Product Creators:

  1. Product Submission: Creators can submit their digital products, ranging from e-books and software to online courses and memberships, to be listed on ClickBank.
  2. Affiliate Recruitment: ClickBank allows creators to tap into a vast network of affiliate marketers who promote their products in exchange for a commission on sales.
  3. Sales and Payments: When a sale is made through an affiliate link, ClickBank handles the transaction, ensuring secure payments for both the creator and the affiliate.

For Affiliate Marketers:

  1. Product Selection: Affiliates browse through ClickBank’s marketplace to find products that align with their niche and audience.
  2. Promotion: Affiliates promote these products through various channels such as blogs, social media, email marketing, or paid advertising.
  3. Earnings: Affiliates earn a commission on each sale generated through their unique affiliate links, with ClickBank managing the tracking and payout process.

Pros and Cons of ClickBank:


  1. Diverse Product Range: ClickBank boasts a vast array of digital products across numerous niches, offering something for everyone.
  2. Global Reach: With a worldwide network of affiliates and customers, ClickBank provides access to a broad audience.
  3. Ease of Use: The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it simple for both product creators and affiliates to navigate.
  4. High Commissions: ClickBank often offers generous commission rates, making it an attractive option for affiliates looking to monetize their traffic effectively.


  1. Quality Control: While ClickBank strives to maintain quality standards, some products may lack in terms of content or value, potentially tarnishing the platform’s reputation.
  2. Competition: With thousands of products vying for attention, standing out as a creator or affiliate can be challenging in a saturated marketplace.
  3. Refund Rates: Due to the nature of digital products, refund rates on ClickBank can be relatively high, impacting earnings for both creators and affiliates.
The Good

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Over 20 Years of Experience Having been founded at the start of the internet marketing boom, ClickBank benefits from over 20 years optimizing their platform. They have their systems and processes extremely well-oiled at this point.

Massive Library of Products The extensive digital marketplace contains products from over 6 million vendors spanning nearly every niche and market out there. This makes it easy for affiliates to find relevant products to promote.

Quick Payments & Support ClickBank sends affiliate commissions on a bi-weekly basis, clocking in as one of the fastest payout frequencies across affiliate platforms. Their US-based customer support also has an excellent reputation for solving issues promptly.

Low Barrier to Entry Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is completely free and new registrations are generally approved swiftly. This ease of access allows affiliate marketing beginners to get started right away.

The Bad

Quality Control Issues Allowing such unfettered access also opens ClickBank up to attracting a high volume of low quality products and inexperienced vendors. Their review system struggles to keep up, meaning affiliates must be vigilant to avoid promoting scams or junk products. ClickBank The Brutally Honest Must-Read Guide for 2024

Highly Competitive Commissions With so many affiliates and products vying for attention, competition is intense when it comes to earning commissions from high performing offers. The super affiliates still dominating earnings indicates how difficult it is to rank as a new ClickBank marketer.

Commissions Eat Into Potential Profit
The flip side to vendors easily listing their products is ClickBank taking large commission percentages. Their standard 50% revenue share for digital info-products leaves creators fighting for profitability. ClickBank The Brutally Honest Must-Read Guide for 2024

Tips for Success on ClickBank:

  1. Choose Quality Products: As an affiliate, focus on promoting high-quality products that offer genuine value to your audience to build trust and credibility.
  2. Build Your Audience: Invest time and effort in growing your online presence and cultivating a loyal following who are receptive to your product recommendations.
  3. Test and Optimize: Continuously monitor and analyze your promotional efforts, experimenting with different strategies to maximize conversions and earnings.
  4. Stay Compliant: Adhere to ClickBank’s guidelines and policies to avoid penalties or account suspension, ensuring a long-term, sustainable partnership with the platform.

Lack of Guidance
While ClickBank makes it simple for affiliates to access products, they offer little coaching or direction in terms of critical functions like effective promotional strategies, segmenting audiences, creating conversion assets, and complying with legal requirements.

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ClickBank holds an interesting middle ground in affiliate marketing, balancing ease of use with functionality to enable access while revenue sharing cuts heavily into profitability for vendors and affiliates alike. For established marketers with promotional tactics, resources, and experience already in place, ClickBank can prove a valuable income stream. But those same attributes are often necessary prerequisites to succeed.

For affiliate marketing newcomers, while ClickBank does technically offer low barriers to entry, the lack of structure and intense competitiveness make it a very difficult environment to break through. Most affiliates fail to ever generate any commissions.

So is ClickBank still worthwhile in 2024? Yes for savvy digital marketers able to navigate noisy markets and utilize proven conversion strategies. But for those hoping easy passive profits, they likely continue finding ClickBank to fall devastatingly short of expectations.

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