SHOCKING Income of Virtual Influencers – You Won’t Believe It!

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, a new phenomenon has taken center stage: virtual influencers. These computer-generated characters exist entirely online, captivating audiences and influencing trends. But what’s truly astonishing is the income they generate. Brace yourselves, because you won’t believe the numbers!

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SHOCKING Income of Virtual Influencers - You Won’t Believe It!

The Rise of Virtual Influencers

While traditional influencers have long held sway over consumer decisions, virtual influencers are rewriting the rules. These digital avatars, purposefully designed to resemble humans, connect with followers in ways that transcend physical limitations. Let’s dive into the mind-boggling stats:

  1. Followers and Purchasing Power:
    • According to a 2022 survey by the Influencer Marketing Factory, 58% of respondents follow at least one virtual influencer.
    • Even more jaw-dropping: 35% of consumers have purchased a product promoted by a virtual influencer.
  2. Accessibility and Boundless Reach:
    • Unlike their human counterparts, virtual influencers face no geographical constraints. They can reach global audiences without leaving their digital realm.
    • With no physical limitations, these avatars rapidly grow their online presence, attracting attention and driving engagement.

The Virtual Payday

Now, let’s get to the juicy part: income. Buckle up, because these numbers defy reality:

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  1. Brand Collaborations and Sponsorships:
    • Virtual influencers sign lucrative deals with brands. From fashion to beauty, they endorse products seamlessly.
    • Their digital existence allows for creative collaborations, making them ideal brand ambassadors.
  2. Monetizing Content:
    • Just like human influencers, virtual avatars monetize their content. Sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales all contribute to their revenue streams.
    • Their ability to churn out consistent, high-quality content keeps the cash flowing.
  3. Events and Appearances:
    • Virtual influencers attend virtual events, conferences, and even launch parties. Brands pay handsomely for their appearances.
    • Imagine a CGI character stealing the show at a product launch—mind-boggling, right?
  4. The Metaverse and Beyond:
    • As the metaverse gains traction, virtual influencers are poised for even greater success. NFTs, virtual real estate, and digital experiences await them.
    • Their income potential knows no bounds.

Skeptics and Believers

Critics argue that virtual influencers lack authenticity. After all, they don’t sip lattes at local cafés or post vacation selfies. But here’s the twist: authenticity is subjective. For their followers, these avatars are as real as any flesh-and-blood influencer.

So, the next time you scroll past a digital diva promoting skincare or strutting in virtual couture, remember: their income isn’t virtual—it’s shockingly real.

What are some examples of virtual influencers?

Certainly! Virtual influencers have taken the digital world by storm, captivating audiences with their unique personas. Here are some notable virtual influencers you should know about:

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Lu do Magalu:

Lu do Magalu is currently the most followed virtual influencer. With over 14.6 million followers on Facebook, 6 million on Instagram, and a significant presence on YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, Lu do Magalu hails from Brazil. She first appeared more than a decade ago, representing the retail giant Magazine Luiza in product reviews and software tips1.

Lil Miquela:

Miquela Sousa, popularly known as Lil Miquela, is a virtual robot model. She collaborates with top fashion brands like Prada, Dior, and Calvin Klein. Lil Miquela even released a single called “Not Mine” and debuted her music video, “Hard Feelings,” at Lollapalooza’s online festival. Created by the Los Angeles-based startup Brud, Lil Miquela has made waves in the fashion and music industry1.


Yes, the iconic Barbie doll has also joined the virtual influencer scene. With her timeless appeal and global recognition, Barbie continues to engage audiences across platforms.


Guggimon is a quirky and edgy virtual character known for their distinctive style. Their unconventional appearance and artistic content have garnered attention from fashion enthusiasts and brands alike.

Any Malu:

Any Malu is a Brazilian virtual influencer who shares relatable and humorous content. Her witty personality resonates with followers, making her a rising star in the virtual world.

Anna Cattish:

Anna Cattish exudes elegance and sophistication. Her fashion-forward posts and curated aesthetics attract fashion-conscious audiences.


Thalasya is an ethereal virtual influencer with a mystical vibe. Her dreamy visuals and poetic captions transport followers to otherworldly realms.


Janky embraces glitch art and cyberpunk aesthetics. Their unconventional appearance challenges beauty norms and sparks conversations.


Noonoouri is a high-fashion virtual model who collaborates with luxury brands. Her flawless digital presence blurs the line between reality and imagination.


bee_nfluencer advocates for environmental awareness. As a bee-inspired virtual influencer, she educates followers about sustainability and biodiversity.

imma (@imma.gram):

imma is a Japanese virtual influencer known for her futuristic style and captivating visuals. She seamlessly blends into the digital landscape.


Bermuda is a mysterious and enigmatic virtual character. Their cryptic posts and elusive persona keep followers intrigued.

These virtual influencers prove that the future of influencer marketing lies beyond the physical realm. From fashion endorsements to music releases, they’re rewriting the rules and captivating audiences worldwide. 🌟👾✨

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