How to Make Money with ClickBank Without a Website

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Make Money with ClickBank Without a Website, there are a few key methods I’m referring to:

  1. Social Media Platforms: As outlined in Step 4, you can directly share your ClickBank hoplinks on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. This allows you to generate clicks and sales by promoting to an existing audience on those platforms.
  2. Influencer Marketing Partnerships: Also discussed in Step 5, partnering with relevant bloggers, YouTubers, and social influencers in your niche allows you tap into their existing audience. You give them a cut of your commissions in exchange for them promoting your hoplinks to their followers.
  3. Forum Marketing: I didn’t explicitly call this out before, but active promotion on industry forums and communities like Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn groups etc. is highly effective. Provide value by answering questions and organically work your links into signature profiles and relevant discussions.

So in summary – a website is absolutely not required to make money with the ClickBank affiliate model. Leveraging social platforms, influencers, and forum participation allows you to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate links all without ever needing your own site.

The advantage of having a website is it gives you an owned media asset to collect emails and build an audience over the long-term. But ClickBank commissions can certainly be earned, even in the beginning without any website at all.

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How to Make Money with ClickBank Without a Website

ClickBank is an online marketplace where digital product creators list their products for affiliates to promote and earn commissions on sales. The best part about ClickBank is that you don’t even need a website to make money with it. In this article, I’ll provide a step-by-step guide to earning ClickBank commissions without a website.

Sign Up for a Free ClickBank Account

Getting started with ClickBank is completely free and easy to set up. Just go to and look in the top right corner for the “Sign Up” link.

You’ll need to enter some basic personal information like your name, email address, and create a password. Make sure to use a valid email that you frequently check, since all communication from ClickBank will be sent here.

How do I sign up for a ClickBank account? – ClickBank Knowledge Base

ClickBank will ask you if you want to sign up as an affiliate or vendor. Since we are focused on making money without our own products, select “Affiliate”.

As an affiliate, you can promote other sellers’ products listed in the ClickBank marketplace and earn a commission from successful sales. Affiliates are not permitted to create their own ClickBank products.

Find Profitable Products to Promote

Once your ClickBank account is approved, you’ll have access to one of the largest digital product marketplaces online.

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How to find the best clickbank Products to promote that are most profitable  and popular - Quora

Start by using the different category filters on ClickBank to drill down into niches like business/investing, cooking/food, and sports that interest you. This will make the products more relevant to promote.

Next, use the built-in analytics tools on ClickBank to sort products by key factors like average sales, gravity, and earnings per sale. Gravity is an important metric that estimates a product’s sales activity and customer demand.

You’ll typically want to shortlist products that meet the following criteria:

  • Gravity Score of At Least 50+: This indicates a popular selling product.
  • Average Sale of $30+: Higher priced items pay more per commission.
  • 35-75% Commission Rate: Look for generous affiliate payout percentages.

Be sure to click into each product listing and read the full sales page to understand the quality of the product and brand. Promoting good products leads to higher conversion rates down the road.

Spend time upfront finding excellent products aligned with audience interests before blindly promoting every product you find. This filter process sets you up for the most success long-term as a ClickBank affiliate.

Get Your Hoplinks

Once you’ve found a profitable ClickBank product you’d like to promote, the next step is generating a unique hoplink.

HopLinks Guide – ClickBank Knowledge Base

To get your hoplink, just look for the “Promote” button on the ClickBank product listing you want to share. After clicking this, you’ll have the ability to customize your hoplink with options like managing the destination URL and link name for branding purposes.

For example, you can shorten an ugly looking default hoplink from something like:

To something cleaner like:

The most important thing is keeping the unique hop ID in the link so your clicks and commissions can be properly tracked by ClickBank.

After setting up your hoplink, ClickBank makes it super simple to share it online through channels like your social media profiles and email marketing. Each product sale that comes through your own hoplink will automatically credit earnings to your account.

Drive Traffic and Sales Through Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are great places to share your ClickBank affiliate links and drive product exposure. These networks allow you to target users by very specific interests and demographics for higher conversion potential.

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Affiliate Marketing on Social Media: A 2023 Quickstart Guide - ClickBank

Start by creating content around the product you want to promote. This can be in the form of blog posts, graphics, videos or just thought leadership around addressing problems that particular product solves for your audience.

Share the content across your social media channels while embedding calls-to-action to click your affiliate link and check out the offer. For example, if you make a YouTube video reviewing a ClickBank cooking product, add your custom hoplink in the video description where people can purchase it.

Additionally, engage on social media by guest posting in relevant Facebook groups and subreddits with large audiences discussing that particular topic or niche. Provide value by commenting on discussions where recommending certain ClickBank products as solutions is helpful for group members.

The key is participating in existing online communities with targeted users, while providing value through your content and expertise. This establishes trust and authority for increased affiliate link clicks and conversions over time.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

A great way to amplify your ClickBank affiliate promotions is by partnering with influencers. Influencers are popular bloggers, YouTubers, authors, social media personalities etc. within your niche that have large follower bases.

Start by identifying relevant micro or nano influencers that attract your target audience. Micro-influencers have 5K to 100K followers, while nano influencers can have 1K to 10K followers. Engagement rates are often higher with smaller influencers.

Incorporate Influencer Marketing for Online Marketplace Success

Reach out and share why you think their audience would benefit from a particular ClickBank offer you want to promote. Provide stats on the product and metrics on how previous affiliates have done well promoting it.

Offer the influencer an affiliate commission through your own hoplink for any referred sales. Most ClickBank products pay out commissions two levels deep, so you can share your commission earnings. Many influencers jump at opportunities for easy revenue sharing partnerships.

By enlisting influencers as affiliate partners, they will enthusiastically share your ClickBank hoplinks with their engaged social media following – resulting in more exposure and sales conversions without much extra effort on your end.

Leveraging influencers provides a scalable way to maximize results from your ClickBank affiliate campaigns and is a tactic you should be taking advantage of.

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The great thing about ClickBank is you can start earning commissions today even without a website. Consistently promote great products through social media and influencer outreach, and the sales will start rolling in.

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