32 best ways to increase blog traffic

Build Social Media Engagement Connect with your audience and promote your latest blog posts via social platforms is best ways to increase blog traffic. Share all your articles and interact on networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube based on where your audience is most active. Take advantage of social media scheduling and paid promotion tools to save time. Aim for quality engagement by commenting on your own posts and responding to others frequently. Social interaction signals can make articles spread faster and earn more traffic.

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Guest Post On Relevant Sites One of the top ways for newer blogs to build readership and inbound links is guest posting on other established sites are the best ways to increase blog traffic . Identify blogs in your niche with an audience you want to reach. Pitch the editors unique post ideas that would resonate with their readership and include a bio with a link back to your website. Securing just a few guest posts per month on relevant high-traffic sites can significantly amplify your blog’s visibility and refers new visitors interested in your industry or topics. You’ll gain brand awareness and site traffic at minimal monetary cost.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog (32 Best Ways to Increase Blog Traffic)

The key with traffic growth is staying patient, consistent, and creative with a variety of outreach and marketing strategies. Utilize as many promotion channels and partnerships as you can over time and your blog traffic and influence will compound significantly. Let me know if you need any other blogging tips or have additional questions!

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Optimize your blog posts for SEO

Use target keywords, meta descriptions, alt text for images etc.

Promote your content on social media

Share your posts on all your social profiles.

Run Facebook and Instagram ads

Create targeted ads leading to your blog content.

Guest post on other blogs

  • Pitch relevant blogs to allow you to write guest posts with a link back.

Build an email list

Collaborate with influencers

  • Work on co-marketing content.

Start a podcast

  • Repurpose blog content into audio.

Create linkworthy content

  • Content that gets natural backlinks and shares.

Add CTAs in posts

  • Calls-to-action to guide visitors.

Answer Quora and Reddit questions

  • Link to your content as helpful resources.

Run Pinterest promotions

  • Buy pins and tailor content for Pinterest.

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Start a YouTube channel

  • Video content brings new traffic.

Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups

  • Share your posts where the conversation is happening.

Add share buttons

  • Make it easy for readers to share your content.

Build relationships with other blogs

  • Guest post, link swaps, partnerships.

Create blog graphics for Pinterest

  • Snackable visual content.

Write linkworthy headlines

  • Headlines that attract links and shares.

Get interviewed/quoted by media outlets

  • Position yourself as an industry expert.

Run retargeting ads

  • Remind visitors to come back to your blog.

Create blog graphics for Instagram

  • Engaging, inspiring visual quotes.

Leverage skyscraper content

  • Content better than what ranks #1 already.

Add a call/email signup

  • Calls and direct emails convert better than forms.

Create YouTube shorts

  • Short YouTube videos to grab attention.

Host blog link roundups

  • Lists of the best content in your niche.

Actively network on Twitter

  • Engage with your audience.

Create downloadable blog post PDFs

  • Optimize for keywords; promote on SlideShare.

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Run Google Shopping ads

  • Product images from your blog posts.

Create Snapchat promotions

  • Link to blog content on your Snapchat.

Start a TikTok account

  • Repurpose engaging video content.

Createelia HTML website

  • An easy way to build traffic with no code.

Network with other bloggers

  • Relationships drive real traffic.

Promote your email list

  • Start collecting emails early to have a built-in audience.

driving consistent traffic to a blog takes effort but pays off enormously over time. The three most vital strategies are:

  1. Optimizing existing on-site content through keyword-focused editing for maximum discoverability and shareability. Making minor tweaks to layout, titles, images, links and text can boost organic search traffic substantially.
  2. Establishing an active social media presence across networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect daily with fans and followers, promote new articles and encourage shares. Scheduling tools help manage the workload efficiently.
  3. Guest posting unique, value-adding articles on popular niche blogs to showcase expertise and secure backlinks. Even just a handful of quality contributor posts per month can direct significant referral traffic.

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Combining on-page SEO best practices, social networking persistence and strategic guest blogging lays the foundation for strong blog growth. Then even more advanced tactics like paid ads, link building and search engine marketing can multiply results further. But it all starts with the essential traffic-driving approaches outlined above. The work pays dividends so persistence is key when starting out.

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