Four Candles Formula Review- 3 Day LIVE Masterclass information

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The world of Internet business is always changing, and new methods and approaches are appearing to support successful businesses. Sean Donahoe’s Four Candles Formula Masterclass is one such formula that has been gaining traction. This ground-breaking method for building successful Internet businesses promises to change the way we approach and think about our commercial endeavors. However, do affiliates find the Four Candles Formula worthwhile? To assist you in deciding whether the formula is the best fit for your online company’s objectives, we will examine the formula’s features, uncover its mysteries, and evaluate its worth in this review. In addition, the Four Candles Formula 3-Day Masterclass, which begins on March 5, The time is now to find out more about this revolutionary strategy for building successful online businesses.

Four Candles Formula Review- 3 Day LIVE Masterclass information


Vendor:Sean Donahoe
Product:Four Candles Formula Masterclass
Launch Date:2024-Mar-05
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-end Price:$97
Recommendation:Highly Recommended
Sales Page:Click Here
Refund:30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What is Four Candles Formula?

The Four Candles Formula Masterclass is a 3-day live online training program created by Sean Donahoe that claims to teach a revolutionary trading strategy for generating consistent daily profits from the financial markets.

According to the advertising, the Four Candles Formula is a proprietary 3-step trading process that promises to allow anyone, even complete beginners, to profitably extract $500 to $5,000+ per day from the markets in just 10-15 minutes of effort.

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The three core steps of the Four Candles Formula are described as:

  1. Identifying a specific pattern or signal in the first couple hours of the trading day.
  2. Selecting your desired profit target for that day, from $50 up to $5,000+.
  3. Executing a trade that will automatically close out by the end of the day to capture your pre-set profit target.

The masterclass promotes this Formula as a radical departure from traditional trading or online business models. It claims to require no products, marketing, employees, capital investment or extensive experience. Instead, it focuses solely on mastering this one purportedly simple trading skill.

The live 3-day training, kicking off on March 11th, promises to reveal the full methodology behind the Four Candles Formula step-by-step. It advertises giving students the ability to generate a consistent daily income stream with just 10-15 minutes of work per day, regardless of market conditions.

The $99 masterclass package also includes bonus resources like a private Facebook group, session replays, transcripts, and supplementary training days. Through these, the program aims to equip attendees with everything needed to successfully implement the Four Candles Formula.

How does Four Candles Formula work?

What are the features and benefits of Four Candles Formula?

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  1. 3-Step Trading Process The core of the Formula is a simple 3-step trading process involving identifying a market pattern, setting a profit target, and letting the trade run automatically.
  2. Live 3-Day Online Training The Formula will be taught through a live 3-day online masterclass by the creator Sean Donahoe, starting March 11th.
  3. Supplementary Training & Resources It includes additional training days, a private Facebook group, session replays, transcripts, and summary guides as part of the package.
  4. No Business Requirements The Formula is promoted as not requiring any products, marketing, sales, employees, or significant prior experience to operate.

Claimed Benefits:

  1. Consistent Daily Profits It promises to generate consistent, predictable profits every single trading day, regardless of market conditions.
  2. High Income Potential
    The potential to make $500 to $5,000+ per day in profits from this one trading method is advertised.
  3. Minimal Time Commitment Only 10-15 minutes per day is needed to execute the 3-step process and generate income.
  4. Recession-Proof Income Stream It is touted as an income stream impervious to economic volatility or recessions.
  5. Simple to Learn & Operate Marketed as an easy-to-learn and straightforward trading system that anyone can implement.
  6. Low Risk & Practice First Ability to practice the Formula risk-free before going live, unlike most businesses.
  7. Time & Financial Freedom Billed as a path to both time freedom and financial freedom by generating wealth consistently.

What will I get if I buy Four Candles Formula?

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  1. 3-Day Live Masterclass Training (Limited Seats) The core offering is a 3-day live online masterclass conducted by Sean Donahoe himself, where he will teach the full Four Candles Formula trading strategy step-by-step. This starts on March 11th.
  2. 2 Bonus Days of Training In addition to the 3-day masterclass, you’ll get 2 extra bonus days of advanced training to accelerate your success with the Formula.
  3. Private Facebook Group Access You’ll get access to a private Facebook community group for all Masterclass attendees to discuss, get support, and interact during the training.
  4. Session Transcripts & Replays The training sessions will be transcribed, and you’ll have 48-hour replay access in case you miss any of the live sessions.
  5. Cliff Notes Guides The team will provide summary “cliff notes” versions of each session’s key points for easier reviewing.
  6. “Ask Me Anything” Live Q&A There will be a bonus live Q&A session where you can ask Sean any outstanding questions you have.
  7. Free Spouse/Partner Seat You can bring your spouse/partner to the training as a free bonus attendee.

How to Make Money with Four Candles Formula?

Step 1: Identify the “Signal” Pattern In the first couple hours of each trading day (9:30am – 11:30am ET), you look for a specific intraday pattern or “signal” to appear in the markets. The exact details of this pattern are not disclosed.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Profit Target
Once the “signal” pattern is identified, you “right-click” and select your profit target for that day’s trade. This can range from $50 all the way up to $5,000 or more.

Step 3: Trade Runs Automatically After setting your profit target, you don’t need to do anything else. The Formula’s trading system will purportedly run completely automated, managing the trade to exit automatically by market close at your pre-determined profit target.

The core promise is that by simply following these 3 steps each morning, you can extract consistent, predictable profits from $500 up to $5,000+ per day from the markets, in just 10-15 minutes of actual effort.

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A few other key selling points on how to make money with the Formula:

  • No marketing, traffic, products, customers or typical business activities required
  • Practice risk-free on demo accounts before going live
  • Generate income regardless of market conditions
  • Easy automated system “signal” is identified
  • Earn from home with just an internet connection and small trading account

The full methodology behind identifying the “signal”, configuring the purported automated trading system, managing risk, and flawlessly executing this 3-step process is what the 3-day Masterclass aims to teach attendees.


  1. Affiliate Marketers: People looking to enhance their affiliate marketing skills and strategies to increase their affiliate commissions and earnings.
  2. Digital Marketers: Professionals involved in digital marketing who want to learn new techniques and approaches to improve their online marketing campaigns and results.
  3. E-commerce Owners: Owners of e-commerce stores seeking to optimize their online stores, increase sales, and grow their businesses.
  4. Solopreneurs and Freelancers: Independent professionals and freelancers who want to build a sustainable online income stream using their expertise and skills.
  5. Small Business Owners: Owners of small businesses looking to establish a stronger online presence, attract more customers, and boost their online sales.
  6. Stay-at-Home Parents: Individuals who want to earn income from home while balancing family responsibilities.
  7. Students and Graduates: Young adults and recent graduates interested in exploring online entrepreneurship and building their own online businesses.
  8. Anyone Seeking Financial Independence: Individuals who aspire to achieve financial independence and freedom through online business ventures and passive income streams.

User Opinion

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What’s The Cost?

Join The 3-DAY SPRINT Now Click Here to Secure Your Seat!

Money Back Guarantee!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will all the good trades be taken if too many people join the program?
    • No, the program accommodates various trading opportunities.
  2. What additional expenses involve?
    • Initial payment and optional installment plans.
  3. Do I get immediate access to all materials upon purchase?
    • Yes, access granted instantly.
  4. Can I participate from any country?
    • Yes, the program is accessible globally.
  5. Do I need advanced tech skills to succeed?
    • No, the program is beginner-friendly.
  6. Why teach if the method works well?
    • Sharing knowledge for others’ success.
  7. How much time require daily?
    • Only 10 minutes a day.
  8. How long until I make a certain amount of money?
    • Results vary based on investment and strategy.
  9. What income can I expect in a specific timeframe?
    • Income potential varies for each individual.
  10. Can I participate if I have no trading experience?
    • Yes, the program is suitable for beginners.
  11. Is ongoing support provided after the training?
    • Yes, ongoing support is available.
  12. Can I access the training on mobile devices?
    • Yes, the training is accessible on mobile.
  13. Any hidden fees?
    • No.
  14. What if I miss a live session?
    • Replays are available for missed sessions.
  15. Is there a money-back guarantee?
    • Check the program’s refund policy for details.
  16. Is the program suitable for part-time traders?
    • Yes, the program is flexible for various schedules.
  17. Are there any age restrictions to join?
    • No, age restrictions apply.
  18. Can I start with a small investment?
    • Yes, the program accommodates various investment levels.
  19. Is the program suitable for full-time traders?
    • Yes, the program suits both part-time and full-time traders.
  20. to connect?
    • No specific prerequisites require.

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