5 side hustles to start with zero experience

Looking to earn some extra cash but don’t have much work experience yet? Not to worry – there are plenty of side hustles out there that require no prior experience to get started. Here are 5 side hustles to start with zero experience:

In today’s gig economy, there are more opportunities than ever to earn extra income on the side – no prior professional experience required. You just need the right hustle to match your availability, skills, interests and goals for 5 side hustles to start with zero experience.

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The great news is that you can get many side hustles up and running with minimal legwork. No need for specialized training or credentials. If you have access to a car or bike for deliveries, a computer and Internet for remote work, or simply time and motivation, you can get started earning money.

Intrigued by the possibilities? Read on for 5 fantastic side hustles that allow you to leverage your existing assets and start making cash today, no experience necessary! We’ll overview actionable options like rideshare driving, food delivery, freelance writing, virtual assistance and affiliate marketing. Whether you want recurring or one-off gigs, these hustles offer low barriers to entry for anyone looking to enter the freelance workforce.

>> Unlock passive income Start earning today <<

Rideshare Driving

Companies like Uber and Lyft provide on-demand rideshare services, allowing everyday people to use their own cars to drive passengers around. As long as you have a relatively new car, driver’s license, car registration and insurance, you can start picking up riders immediately. The flexible schedule makes this a popular gig for students and others looking to work part time.

Food Delivery

Similar to rideshare driving, you can also deliver food orders with apps like DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats. Set your own hours and earn cash fast by picking up orders from restaurants and bringing them to hungry customers in your area. Your only real requirements are a mode of transportation and a smartphone.

Freelance Writing

If you have decent writing skills, consider freelance writing as a way to earn income fast with no prior full-time writing experience. Websites like Contena, iWriter and Textbroker connect writers directly with clients looking for blog posts, articles, product descriptions and more. Build up your portfolio and rates over time.

Virtual Assistance

If you’re highly organized and comfortable with computers, provide virtual assistant services to busy professionals and small businesses. Answer emails, schedule appointments, assist with social media and research – all for a tidy hourly rate. Check sites like Fancy Hands, Belay Solutions and Time Etc for getting clients.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the more passive hustles is affiliate marketing, where you earn commissions promoting other company’s products and services on your website or social platforms. Find affiliate programs related to topics you already follow, then create content highlighting your favorite products – no direct experience required.

The key is finding quick hustles that work with your existing skills and interests. With this list, you can start supplementing your income without having to go through extensive training or certification processes first. So pick an option that sounds appealing and start hustling today!

Rideshare Driving

Rideshare driving refers to providing rides to passengers through ride-hailing apps and services like Uber and Lyft. Here’s a quick overview of what rideshare driving is and how you can earn money from it and 5 side hustles to start with zero experience:

>> Unlock passive income Start earning today <<

What is Rideshare Driving?

  • It involves using your own personal vehicle to provide rides to customers requesting them through apps like Uber and Lyft.
  • As the driver, you choose your own work hours and drive whenever it fits your schedule. It offers very flexible earning opportunities.
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How to Earn Money from Rideshare Driving:

  • You sign up through the app as a driver, provide details about your vehicle and insurance coverage.
  • Once approved, you can turn on the app whenever you are available to pick up passenger ride requests nearby.
  • The apps connect you with customers needing rides and provide navigation to easily locate pick-up spots and drop off destinations.
  • You earn income by taking a percentage of what riders are charged for the rides you provide (usually 70-80%). The app handles all ride payments.
  • Most rides tend to occur during peak times like rush hours, evenings and weekends when demand goes up. Working those hours can maximize earnings.

So in summary, rideshare platforms allow everyday drivers to easily monetize their vehicle and time by providing transportation to local customers as per their convenience, earning money after each completed ride. It’s an easy way to leverage your car for extra income in your spare time.

Food Delivery

Here’s an overview of how you can earn money through food delivery side hustles:

What is Food Delivery?

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  • It involves picking up orders from restaurants and delivering them to customers who have placed orders online or through delivery apps. Apps like DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub enable this.
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How to Earn from Food Delivery:

  • Sign up to become a delivery driver on one or more food delivery apps. Provide necessary details including your mode of transportation.
  • When you log into the app during working hours, you will receive notifications of food orders placed at nearby restaurants. You can choose to accept an order at your discretion.
  • For each successful food delivery, you earn income in the form of per delivery fees (usually $2-$4) plus customer tips. The payments are handled seamlessly through the app.
  • You also get compensated for the distance driven from the restaurant to the delivery address. Average hourly income ranges from $12-$18 per hour after accounting for costs.
  • Working during peak dinner hours and accepting orders from restaurants with quick delivery times can help maximize your delivery count and earnings per hour on the road.

So in essence, utilizing your own vehicle to deliver pre-ordered meals from eateries around town to waiting customers provides flexible earning potential in the food delivery space. The income earned per hour varies based on number and frequency of deliveries completed in a shift.

Freelance Writing

Here are the key ways to earn money from freelance writing:

What is Freelance Writing?

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  • It refers to taking up writing gigs on a project basis for clients as a self-employed writer rather than working for one specific employer.
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How Freelance Writers Earn:

  1. Get hired for writing projects – Freelance writers identify and pitch clients directly or use websites like Contena, Flexjobs and Upwork which have job postings from organizations needing blog, website, marketing writing or other content.
  2. Charge for completed projects – Common models include charging per hour spent writing, per word count written or a fixed project rate. Average pay rates range $0.10 – $0.50 per word depending on experience and clients.
  3. Resell work products – Earn secondary royalties by reselling certain written pieces to multiple clients under different agreements, for example privately reselling quality notes.

The earning potential for freelance writers scales up over time as you build a loyal client base and streamline writing workflows. Leveraging niche experience, expertise and writing samples helps attract better paying work as well. Positioning services right allows developing freelancing into a steady side income stream.

Virtual Assistance

Here are some of the common ways you can make money as a virtual assistant:

What is a Virtual Assistant?

  • It involves providing administrative and office support services to clients remotely over the internet.

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How Virtual Assistants Make Money:

Occupational & Physical Therapy Levels of Assistance – OT Dude
  1. Get hired by clients needing help. Register with sites like Fancy Hands, Upwork, Belay to get hired by individuals or companies requiring virtual task support.
  2. Charge by time spent working – Calculate earnings based on hourly rate charged for time spent working on client tasks. Most VAs charge between $15 to $50 per hour.
  3. Charge fixed project fees – Provide predefined service bundles (like 30 hours of standard services per month) for recurring monthly retainer fees.
  4. Earn value-based pricing – For specialized services, charge premium fees tied to the value of outcomes created rather than hours worked. Can go up to 2-3x hourly rates.
  5. Upsell additional services – Offer to take on more specialized virtual roles like website manager, affiliate marketing assistant for higher income.

By providing services virtually, you can build a scalable business serving clients across geographies according to your availability, accruing earnings via mix of flexible pricing models implemented cleverly.

Affiliate Marketing

Here’s an overview of how you can earn money through affiliate marketing:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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  • It refers to earning commissions by promoting other companies and merchants’ products & services on your website, content, and social platforms.
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How Affiliate Marketers Earn:

  1. Join affiliate programs – Sign up with affiliate networks like Amazon Associates or direct merchant programs like Walmart, Flipkart to get unique affiliate links
  2. Promote relevant products – Create website content, videos, posts that review or highlight certain products positively, embed your affiliate links in them
  3. Get commission on conversions – If any of your site visitors click the link and buy that product, you will receive a tracked affiliate commission. Average commission rates range 4-20%.
  4. Utilize high conversion platforms – Focus on creating content optimized for high conversion channels like YouTube vs lower volume websites or social posts

>> Unlock passive income Start earning today <<

As you can see, affiliate earnings depend directly on the volume of relevant product promotions, quality of target audience driving conversions andnegotiated commission structures with affiliate programs. In time, it can become a steady and passive side income stream.

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