16+ FREE Online AI Courses for Everyone

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is booming, and learning about it has never been easier or more accessible. Here’s a curated list of over 16 fantastic FREE online AI courses you can dive into, regardless of your background or experience:

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For Beginners

  • Elements of AI (University of Helsinki & MinnaLearn): A gentle introduction to AI concepts with no coding or math required.
  • AI4K12 (DeepLearning.AI): Designed for kids and families, explores AI through interactive activities and games.
  • Crash Course AI (YouTube): Entertaining and informative video series covering the basics of AI.
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (IBM): Free introductory course on the IBM platform, covering key concepts and applications.
  • Google AI Introduction for Everyone: Learn about AI fundamentals and the impact it has on our lives, directly from Google experts

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For Coding Enthusiasts

  • CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python (Harvard University): Learn AI fundamentals and apply them to real-world problems through Python programming.
  • Python + AI (Skillcrush): Develop practical AI skills with Python, covering essential libraries and tools.
  • Deep Learning Specialization (DeepLearning.AI): Dive deep into deep learning, the driving force behind many AI applications.
  • TensorFlow Fundamentals (Coursera): Master the popular TensorFlow framework for building and training AI models.
  • Machine Learning Crash Course (Google Developers): A fast-paced introduction to machine learning concepts and algorithms.

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For Non-Technical Learners

  • AI For Everyone (DeepLearning.AI): Understand AI and its potential without any technical background.
  • AI Ethics (EdX): Explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI development and deployment.
  • The Future of Work with Artificial Intelligence (Coursera): Prepare for the changing workplace landscape shaped by AI.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030 (Stanford University): Examine the potential societal and economic impact of AI in the future.
  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence (FutureLearn): Gain a broad overview of AI technologies and their applications.


  • Kaggle Learn: Free platform with interactive coding tutorials and competitions to practice your AI skills.
  • OpenAI Gym: Open-source toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • Google AI Experiments: Explore interactive demos and experiments showcasing the power of AI.

Remember, the best course for you depends on your interests, goals, and prior knowledge. Start with introductory courses, then delve deeper into specific areas as you progress. Enjoy exploring the fascinating world of AI!

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Note: While some courses may offer certificates upon completion, additional fees might apply. Make sure to check individual course details for more information.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask if you have any questions about specific courses or AI learning in general.

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