16 Free Apps That Pay You to Walk

Looking for a fun and financially rewarding way to get your daily dose of exercise? Look no further than these 16 free apps that pay you to walk! Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a casual stroller, these apps can help you motivate yourself, challenge your friends, and even earn some cash for your efforts.

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1. Sweatcoin: This popular app converts your steps into a virtual currency called Sweatcoins, which you can redeem for various rewards, including discounts, merchandise, and even charity donations.

2. StepBet: This app turns fitness into a social game by allowing you to join challenges with other users. If you reach your step goal for the week, you win money; if not, you forfeit your entry fee.

3. Runtopia: This app tracks your running, walking, and cycling activities, offering detailed statistics and even a virtual training buddy. You can also earn “RunCoin” which can be used to purchase sports equipment.

4. Charity Miles: Donate to your favorite charity while you walk or run. With Charity Miles, you choose a cause you care about, and sponsors donate money based on your activity.

5. FitPotato: Earn “FitPotato” points for walking, running, and cycling. You can redeem these points for discounts at various stores, gift cards, and even cash.

6. Evidation: This app rewards you for various health activities, including walking, biking, swimming, and sleep tracking.

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7. Lifecoin: Earn Lifecoins for walking, running, and cycling. These coins can be used to purchase healthy food, donate to charity, or even invest in sustainable businesses.

8. PK Rewards: This app incentivizes you to walk by offering rewards based on your daily steps. You can earn gift cards, discounts, and even cash back at various retailers.

9. Higi: This app rewards you for taking your health seriously. By walking, logging your meals, and participating in health challenges, you can earn rewards like gift cards and discounts.

10. Optimity: This app aims to improve your mental and physical wellbeing by rewarding you for healthy activities like walking, meditating, and taking surveys.

11. EarthMiles: This app encourages you to walk or bike instead of driving by rewarding you with EarthMiles for eco-friendly transportation choices. You can redeem these miles for discounts on sustainable products and services.

12. Gigwalk: This app allows you to earn money by completing tasks like walking to specific locations, taking photos, and providing feedback.

13. Rover: This app connects you with dog owners who need their pets walked. Get paid to walk dogs and enjoy some quality time with furry friends.

14. Instacart: This app allows you to earn money by shopping for groceries and delivering them to customers. Get paid to walk and explore your city while helping others.

15. Damex: This app rewards you for walking and cycling by offering gift cards and discounts at various retailers.

16. HealthyWage: This app allows you to bet on yourself to reach your weight loss goals. If you meet your goal, you win the bet and get paid!

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Choosing the Right App: With so many options available, choosing the right app can be overwhelming. Consider your personal goals and preferences when making your decision. Do you want to earn cash, discounts, or donate to charity? Are you looking for a social experience or a more individual approach? Once you know what you’re looking for, you can narrow down your choices and start walking towards a healthier and more rewarding you.

Disclaimer: Please note that the rewards offered by these apps may change over time. It’s always a good idea to check the app’s terms and conditions before downloading and using it.

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